Friday, August 24, 2012

Bring on the Crazy!!!

Step AWAY from the children!!!

Yes, this is a phrase that I hear quite often from friends and family when they catch a glimpse of "that look" on my face.  If you're a foster parent, I'm sure you know the one.  The look that you get when you see a pregnant teenager or spot a small child playing alone in a parking lot...  The look that you get when you see children dressed in nothing but shorts and a t-shirt on a cold, winter day when their parents are bundled up in heavy coats...  The look that you get when you meet a child who tells you about their less than desirable home life, and you immediately want to scoop them up and take them home with you...  The look that you get every single time the phone rings and you hear these children's stories from your placement worker...  The look that sends your friends and family into panic mode and leaves them scrambling to find ways to help you out because they know that despite their "step away from the children" warning, you're about to add another child (or three) to your ever-growing tribe.

Things have been so mind-numbingly slow right now for me in Foster/Adopt Land.  I don't want to take a placement right now, only to get the call that they chose me to take the girls when the TPR hearing rolls around in October.  The problem I'm having is that I'm bored out of my mind!  You know you're a foster parent when you've got the shakes because your life is "too easy" and you're craving the chaos and insanity that foster care brings into your life.  I have clearly lost my mind.

I've had an awesome summer with a constant stream of kiddos in and out of the house.  Monkey Sunday-Thursday...  Booger, Banana, Buddy, and Ka-Diva most weekends...  Lots of visits with Butterfly and Pooper...  I even had my Respite Three one weekend!  But as much fun as I've had this summer, I'm still ready for more.


I want a bunch of people coming in and out of my home every month!  I want to lock up my Tums!  I want gobs of paperwork and medication logs!  I want to take my 6-month-old to the dentist!  I want to break out my binders and awesome day planner!  I want to sit in the sticky seats at the WIC office!  I want to add another family to my family (because goodness knows, that's how we do things here in the Trippin' household :-).  But mostly, I just want another child to love...


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Marie F said...

Lol! I love this post. :-) Breaks can be nice but it doesn't take long to miss the chaos and the kids. Foster care is never boring...

Anonymous said...

Geesh....that's to funny!

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