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Kid Quotes

Oh, my Buddy and Ka-Diva...  I swear, these two kids crack me up like no one can!  At 7-years-old, my niece and nephew have hit that "kids say the darnedest things" phase full force.  I told my sister that we had to write this stuff down where we can find it again, and because she doesn't have time to blog herself, I promised to take it upon myself to save their best quotes here on Trippin'.  All of these moments brought to you by Christy's and my mom's FB status updates...  Enjoy!  :-)
Buddy Moments:
"Almost regretting the conversation I had with the big kids the other day about how important it is to conserve water and electricity right now.  I was just scolded by Buddy for leaving a light on!  In my defense though, I was still in the room!  Apparently we are all supposed to sit in the dark now...  :-)"
"Awesome homemade Mother's Day card from Buddy.  'I love my mommy.  She is so nice.  She made me really special.  She is 100% right on whatever she says.  Her name is Christy.'  :-)"  - I think Christy needs to have this thing framed and point to it any time Buddy argues with her about anything.
"Tonight Buddy told me that he would really like to hold a fundraiser.  I was very impressed!  When I asked him for what he said, 'To get some more money!!!'  Hmm...  I'm thinking I need to explain this a little better!  LOL"
"Buddy just said to me, 'Mommy.  Promise me something.  Focus on the greatness!' ???  lol"
"Buddy is such an overachiever.  He has been writing a book called 'All About Frogs' for a few days now.  He told me he is almost done.  He just needs to finish the glossary, the index, and the 'About the Author' pages...  lol"
"Buddy told me today that 'Ladies go first in America!'  Such a little gentleman.  :-)"

"Buddy asked if I can take him shopping this weekend so he can buy Valentine's gifts for 'all of his girlfriends.'  Little player!"
"Walked out of church tonight into a torrential downpour.  Buddy said, 'Man!  Jesus is REALLY trying to wash our sins away!!!'  :-)"
"Ha!  I found a paper that Buddy had been writing song lyrics on.  My two favorites were, 'She thinks my tractor's secksie.  She wants to turn it on.'  (Kenny Chesney) and 'Pa Pa Pa poke her face Pa Pa poke her face!'  (Lady GaGa) :-)"
"Buddy to me.  'I love you so much Mom, I would even rub your naked feet!'  Wow!  Now that is true love!  lol"
"So our sweet grandson goes into the office to get some paper to draw on.  He says, 'Wow!  You might have to be on that show 'Hoarders.'  I hope this stuff doesn't get up the the ceiling!'"  I had to remind him that this is all the baby stuff that his mom is getting ready for a big garage sale and it came from HIS house!  It was kind of sweet.  He sounded really concerned about me.  :-)"
Ka-Diva Moments:

"Had the most entertaining conversation with Ka-Diva tonight where she desperately tried to convince me that 'for her safety' it was more important for me to put her in horseback riding lessons this summer instead of swimming lessons.  'But Mom!  What if I get lost in the country and I can only find a horse?!?  I need to know how to ride it so I can find my way back to you!'" 

"Round two of Ka-Diva trying to convince me that horseback riding lessons are more important 'for her safety' than swimming lessons.  This time she said, 'If I was lost in the woods and had to cross a river, I would have my horse with me and HE would know how to swim!  So see?!?  I need to learn how to ride that horse!'  Love that girl.  :-)" - You have to admit, she does make a convincing arguement. 

"Got Ka-Diva her first Cabbage Patch Kid for her birthday and it is a HUGE hit!  We had an adoption ceremony, filled out the official adoption paperwork, etc. and she is taking the responsibility VERY seriously!  She now wants to adopt all of the other Cabbage Patch babies in the world that need a mommy." - That's my niece!  :-)

"In case anyone is wondering, her name is Jae Jordan and she was born on November 9th...  Ka-Diva was just amazed that she already had a name and official papers!  But I think it was the adoption ceremony where she had to raise her right hand and vow to take great care of this baby for the rest of her life that really made her heart melt. :-)"

"Lol!  I was giving Ka-Diva a hard time tonight because she forgot her Cabbage Patch kid's name.  She said, 'Whatever Mom!  You can't even remember how old you are!'  Touche' Ka-Diva.  Touche'."

"And I wonder why germs keep spreading at our house...  Ka-Diva just suggested that she LICK the rim of the orange juice container so Daddy will stop drinking all of it." - Have to admit this was a good idea.  I know I won't be drinking orange juice at their house anymore!"

"Haha...  The doctor told Ka-Diva to rate her pain.  0 is no pain and 10 means you are crying.  She said, 'If I had no pain, why would I be at the doctor?!?'"

"Ka-Diva to Buddy...  'You know, you are pretty lovable.'  Of course, they were back to bickering two minutes later, but it was sweet while it lasted."

"Hmm...  The crying fits of seven-year-old girls are quite dramatic.  And apparently can last a VERY long time!  Lord, please give the patience to make it through this lovely little phase and remember that I was once a seven-year-old girl too!!!"

"I am now getting the silent treatment, I believe...  And the occasional sideways glance to see if I am NOTICING that she is giving me the silent treatment.  lol!"

Twin Moments:

"So the big kids were grumpy and picking on each other this morning.  Ka-Diva told Buddy that she is going to make a chart of how often he plays on my phone (since she apparently thinks he is on it too much), and then Buddy said he is going to make a chart of how often she is mean to him.  Geez.  Gotta love Monday mornings!"

"Played a joke on Buddy tonight that backfired on me.  Had him convinced that I had locked Ka-Diva outside in the cold, dark night because she didn't come in when I told her to (in reality she was hiding from him in his room).  He got so upset at the thought of her out there by herself that he was ready to take swings at anyone that stood in his way of rescuing her!  Guess the protectivce twin brother mode kicked in!  Now if the roles had been reversed and Ka-Diva thought Buddy was outside she would have been making faces at him through the window!"

As funny as the twins are, the other kids in my life crack me up just as much!  Here are a few funnies from my other favorite kiddos!

Colton, my BFF Katie's almost 4-year-old little boy:

"I learned a little something from my BFF's son this afternoon.  Apparently there are monsters in his attic.  When I asked if they were nice monsters or mean monsters, he replied 'they're MEAN monsters.'  Me - 'Oh no!  What are we gonna do about that?'  Colton - 'We have to be nice to them.  Monsters are God's creatures too!' (Like, DUH, Tammy! ;-)"

(From my BFF's blog)  "So obviously this isn't a brag, but rather something I should write down so we remember it.  Good grief this kid is something else.  Colton's birthday is on Tuesday and so pretty much this whole month has been, 'I want _____ for my birthday' every. single. day.  I finally told him he was being greedy and explained what it meant, and that being greedy is something we don't want to be and that we would continue to give to the children's hospital because it's the right thing to do and we are grateful and not a greedy little turd.  Anyway, so fast forward to the other day in the car. 

Katie:  Do you know what grade you are going to be in?
Colton: Yeah, I'm greedy.
Katie:  No, you're going to be in pre-k.
Colton:  But I want to be greedy!
Katie:  Do you know what greedy is?
Colton:  Yeah, it's when you have all the toys, and that's what I want...  all the toys.  I want to be greedy.

Epic fail."

Booger Bear:

"Favorite quote of the day...  I said something to Heaven and Kama about how I was excited because I get to cuddle my baby tonight (meaning Monkey).  Booger looked up and asked, 'You mean I get to spend the night?!?'  :-)  Ugh!  I LOVE THAT BOY!!! :-)"

(from Heaven's FB) - "So, Booger comes out of his room telling me he has to go potty, so I tell him to go.  Well, five minutes later he comes out, soaked, whining, and won't tell me why.  After asking 'why' a million times he tells me 'I put my head in the toilet!'  Ugh...  Kids...  At least he was honest.  He told me he put his head in the toilet because he was BORED!  lol  Only Booger..."

(During one particularly obnoxious temper tantrum) "Booger was screaming and pitching a fit, so I decided to go all 'therapeutic parenting' on him and threw my own temper tantrum to rival his.  He immediately stopped, looked at me like I had lost my mind, and exclaimed 'Tammy, that's annoying.'  Ha!  Ya think, kid?!?"

"Out of the blue, Booger exclaimed, 'Tammy, I love you...'  'I love you too, kiddo!'  Booger, 'You're gonna be really pretty when you grow up.'  'Why thank you!  That's very nice.'  Booger, 'You're welcome.  (pause)  Can I have a popsicle?'  Mm-hmm...  I see how it is!  ;-)"

So there you have it!  Some of my favorite quotes from some of my favorite kids!  I'm going to try to post these more frequently because these kids crack me up!  :-)


Kayla Lee said...

ok thanks they cracked me up too needed that on a sunday evening! have a great week.

Marie F said...

Lol! Thank you for sharing! That was just what I needed to start my day. :-)

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