Monday, November 24, 2003

Ode to My Reduction - Day Three

On the third day of Boob Job
The Good Witch gave to me……

Many shirts that button …

(I have many shirts WITH buttons, but the buttons on my shirts are more for decoration than for function. I tend to wear my button shirts open over a tank top or a t-shirt. You see, generously-endowed women are owners of shirts with what we commonly refer to as “the suicide button.” …that one button smack in the middle of our chests that clings on for dear life… If we’re lucky enough to be able to get the shirt buttoned in the first place, the “suicide button” eventually gives up and either comes open, or pops off completely. This can become quite a hazard.You know you’re in trouble when people request that you refrain from buttoning your shirts for fear of having an eye poked out by the flying projectiles. :-)

… Matching bras and panties …
And a small pair of perky boobies!

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