Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Monkey!!!

My little Chunky Monkey is officially a 1-year-old!!!  I decided to go all out and get super cute stuff for his party.  Monkey's going home to his daddy in 2 1/2 weeks, so I wanted to celebrate not only his birthday, but our year together as Mama and son.

The first order of business was to choose a theme.  I knew it was going to be monkey-related (how could it not be???), but when I came across this sock monkey party pack, I knew I'd struck gold in the party theme department.  I ordered it, and went Pinterest-crazy getting other ideas.

I ordered this adorable sock monkey crotchet hat for Monkey to wear in pictures.  This isn't Monkey, but we managed to get a good picture of the two of us together with him wearing his hat.  He kept it on for all of 20 seconds, but we were fast with the camera.  :-)

The menu included monkey bread (made by my BFF and her mom), banana pudding (made by my mom), caramel popcorn, banana chips, cut up strawberries and bananas, mason jars filled with various red and brown candies, and even Chunky Monkey ice cream (that I completely forgot about and left in the freezer ;-).

We had matching balloons, goody bags for the kids, streamers, and a decorative sock monkey on the cake table.  We even had a dancing sock monkey that a friend of mine gave to us because she knew we were doing the sock monkey theme.  The kids LOVED the dancing sock monkey (and by "kids," I mean the grown-ups.  ;-)

But the thing that made the party had to be the sock monkey birthday cake and coordinating smash cake!  (That red blob on top is actually Monkey's name in stand-up red letters.  I just had to blot it out for the blog.)  It was simply the cutest cake ever!  And it tasted good too!!! 

Monkey went from kind of bored and uninterested to sugar high baby on crack cake in a matter of about two minutes flat.  I've had three 1-year-old birthday parties since I began fostering three years ago, and Monkey's reaction was definitely the most hilarious.  He had us all rolling in hysterical laughter.  :-)  I SOOOO wish I could post the video and crazy-eyed baby pics, but this one will have to do.  :-)

The "Big Kids..."  Booger, Buddy, and Ka-Diva (Can you believe that two and half years ago I was having a 1-year birthday party for this little man too?)

The "Littles..."  Monkey, Butterfly, Banana, and Pooper...  Can you believe we have four 10 to 12-month olds in the family?!?

Have you ever had one of those days where you look around you and just think, "Wow... I am unbelievably blessed!!!"? Yesterday's party was one of those days for me. When I began fostering, I never would have imagined the way my life would turn out. I never would have thought that I would go from "Single Lady with a Cat" to "Mimi, Mama, & Mom" for kids who would come into my life not only directly through foster care, but also indirectly.

It's no secret how much I love my oldest "daughter." Heaven's brought me more joy over the past year and a half than anyone knows. I can't say enough wonderful things about her! And last September, I met Heaven's younger sister Kama, who has quickly become my honorary daughter #2. I would do just about anything for these girls because having them as my "daughters" just feels right.

Monkey's birthday party was so much more than just a birthday party for me. I got to celebrate all of my kids! My little Monkey, who calls me "Mama," who has become an additional appendage because he wants to be touching me at all times, and whose huge smile lights up my heart like no other... My Booger Bear, who calls me "his Tammy," who still needs Mimi hugs, and who knows without a doubt that he will always be my very special boy even if he doesn't quite remember why... My "daughters" who make me laugh like no one else, who make me feel loved and needed, and who I can't wait to spend more time with even after I've just seen them... My honorary grandbaby, Banana, who gives hugs freely, whose "cheese" smile never fails to make me laugh, and whose independent streak reminds me so much of her Mama and big brother that I can't help but smile.

Yesterday, we took our first "family picture" that included all of the kids and grandkids. Me and my brood and my sister with hers!  All twelve of us!!!  (And my mom thought she'd never be a grandma...  ;-)

Yesterday, I spent the day with my family. Unconventional though we may be, they're mine in every way that matters. 

Yesterday was amazing!  And I wouldn't change a thing...


The Author said...

WOW! Sounds like an awesome party! Looks like a great success :)

You did great mama!

Love the pictures with cake all over his face ;)

Diane said...

Congratulations to you and Monkey! It's been a great year!

MamaFoster said...

i am sure it was a wonderful day! what an awesome first birthday party he had!!!

Kylee said...

I'm so glad he had such a special birthday and that your whole family got to be there to celebrate! I love reading about your unique, beautiful family!

Kylee said...

Just stopping back by to let you know I tagged you in a fun Q&A game over at my blog. Totally no pressure, as I know you have a lot on your mind, but I thought I would give you the opportunity if you want something a little bit more light hearted to think about : ) Know that I'm thinking of your often over the next few weeks.

Jayne Bong said...

Where did u buy the cake? It's so cute XD

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