Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Buddy, the Baby Whisperer

My nephew, Buddy, is the absolute sweetest, most loving child you will ever meet in your life.  He is always trying to take care of people, make everyone happy and comfortable, and is very protective of his twin sister and the Mini Munchkins.  He has been amazing with all of my foster babies, and is always one of their favorite people because of it.  You could definitely see why when I interviewed the twins for last week's "Foster Friday Q & A."  Buddy's answers were so full of love!

I've always known that Buddy has an amazing heart, but I think my first glimpse into just how special he really is came when he met my very first foster child.  Buddy was only four years old when he met my little Immobile Munchkin, but the impression that little girl made on him remains to this day.  Even at that young age, he knew she was special.  She was fragile.  Munchkin was his first glimpse into the need for foster care, and I think that the special care and attention that he gives to my little ones partially stems from that first meeting with that baby girl.  My kids need extra love, and Buddy knows it.

When Booger came to me a few weeks after Munchkin left, Buddy immediately took his role of "oldest foster cousin" very seriously.  He was Booger's constant companion, teacher, helper, and protector, developing a relationship that has lasted to this day.  Booger absolutely worships Buddy.  At seven years old, having a constant 3-year-old "shadow" can get annoying at times, but Buddy takes it all in stride.  In his words, "I have to set a good example."

Watching Buddy with all of my kids, his brother and sisters, Banana, and even other kids he comes into contact with, it's clear that he's an "old soul" and wise beyond his years.  He constantly takes others under his wing and does his best to make them feel safe and happy.  He cares.  And little kids know it.

When Little Miss came to me, she was a sad little thing.  To see true grief in the eyes of an 11-month-old is a terrible thing.  She rarely smiled in the beginning, but if anyone could bring a smile to those sad little eyes, Buddy could.  She knew she was safe with him.  She knew he loved her.  And she knew that when Buddy was around, she mattered.  She was the center of his world, and that made all the difference for a little girl who had never had that before.

I love looking through all of my pictures of Buddy.  Each and every photograph depicts a loving, protective, nurturing boy usually with a baby, toddler, or preschooler glued to his side.  Banana is so smitten that she refuses to let him get more than an arm's length away (although I think the feeling's mutual :-).

I am so unbelievably in awe of this kid.  He inspires me every single day, and I can't say enough how very, very proud I am of him!  :-)

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