Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Shout-Out Sunday"

Time for another "Shout-out Sunday!"

1)  Not sure how I missed this one!  It was actually written on 5/4, but it's way too good not to share this week.  "What REALLY Stops Them?" written by Sophie asks the question "What really stops people from fostering?"  Is it the usual excuse that "I could never let them go," or is it really "I could never let them stay...  forever."  Very thought-provoking post...

2)  Debbie was prompted to write her Tuesday post entitled "Reunification or Adoption Motivated" after a recent discussion in one of our online foster parent support groups.  Such a good reminder that not all "goodbyes" are bad, and that successful reunifications should be celebrated.

3)  Delilah's post, "I Used to be a Perfect Mom" cracked. me. up!!!  I think every mother has been there.  We were all perfect mothers...  until we had kids!  Her post reminded me of one that I had written right after Booger and Angel moved in with me called "...And I Said 'I WILL NEVER...'"  Sometimes you just find yourself doing things you never thought you would when you were a "perfect" mom.  :-)

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