Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is This What It's Like???

I feel like I've been "foster pregnant" forever!!!

I guess I can be thankful that I don't have the back pain, inability to sleep, pregnant lady wobble, and the constant urge to pee that actual pregnant women experience, but I have definitely hit the "COME ON, ALREADY!!!" stage of the waiting process. I'm seriously considering attempting the tried and true methods of bringing on labor in the hopes that they might help with getting a foster placement as well. Spicy foods, exercise, lots of sex... I realize they might not get me a child any faster, but they might make me feel a lot better! ;-)


onemorebaby said...

I feel ya... I don't know how long you have bee waiting, but we have had our license for 4 weeks... it feels like four months!

Tammy said...

Girlfriend, I've been verified for four months, and it feels like four YEARS!!! Time seems to go slower and slower every day. It had better happen soon, or I'm gonna give up on this too.

Trina said...

No you are not going to give up, but the eating spicy foods, exercise and lots of sex sounds good. =)

kcoleman said...

Yeah!!!! Tammy is with baby!!!!!!
Can't wait to hear how the first night was. Call me this morning. oh wait, your days of sleeping in are D-O-N-E!! I'll call you : )

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