Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Most Memorable Childhood Books

I just realized that I haven't done a Journal Jar question in a while. Here's a good one!

"What were some of the most memorable books you read as a child?"
Reading and books have always been a big part of my life. One of my favorite things to do as a child was to lay there every night while my mom read a chapter out of one of the Little House on the Praire books.

As I got older and began spending more time reading on my own, my mom let me have all of her old Trixie Belden books from when she was a girl. Those were the best! I'm dying to track down the complete collection somewhere so I can have it to pass down to my kids.

Then I graduated to the Nancy Drew Case Files. My best friend and I were hooked! She had a huge crush on Ned Nickerson, and I was always amazed at how the seasons seemed to change, but Nancy stayed the same age. :-)

I loved to read! In fact, I would hole up in my room for hours just so I could read a book in one sitting. My parents always used to joke that grounding me or sending me to my room wouldn't be punishment at all. They would threaten to ground me to the living room. :-)

There were quite a few other series that I liked, but Little House, Trixie Belden, and Nancy Drew Case Files were the big ones.


Nana said...

I would love to read all of those old Trixie Belden books again, too. They were my favorites!

Vypergirl said...

Oh, I was a big reader them and still am! Nancy Drew, and the Babysitter Club, oh and Sweet Valley High!!!

Currently I read tons of Sci-Fi Fantasy - The Lord of the Rings started me down that road - and that was how many years ago???

kcoleman said...

Sorry, no Nancy Drew or Babysitters Club here. My favorite book was Go Dog Go! A good ol Dr. Seuss book.

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