Thursday, April 16, 2009

Still Here!!!

I'll admit, I've been slacking a bit on the blogging. It's a little more time-consuming than I thought trying to pack for the 50-yard move, yet maintain an "acceptable" household by foster care guidelines, and still have time for family stuff and holidays.

I promise, I haven't given up on the blog. In fact, I have about 20 postings that are "in progress" right now. As I think of good topics, I type in the title and make a few notes so I'll remember where I was headed when I originally came up with the idea. You'll probably be bombarded after I get in the new place. You'll be so sick of me, you won't even want to get online. ;-)

As far as Foster/Adopt Land goes, I'm still waiting. I've lost count of the number of potential placements now. There were three children last week, but they all ended up being placed with other families. I'm waiting on word for a little one-year-old boy who would be a legal risk placement (meaning parental rights will most likely be terminated and I could probably adopt him). And I'm still waiting to hear more about a possible matched-adopt of a 10-year-old little girl. I'm starting to think it's never going to happen, which is INSANELY frustrating because I know I'd be a great mom. So I'm single. I have a decent job and plenty of family and friend support. So I'm not going to be the "preferred" stay-at-home mother. My mom is going to be a stay-at-home Nana, and that's just as good!

It's just extremely frustrating because I'm here, willing, and able to take care of these kids who need the help, and I'm still being passed over for "better" parents just because there are two of them! Any of you men want to get married? All you have to do is agree to not use foil, pass a criminal background check, and double lock your medications (along with about 10,000 other things I won't mention). My best friend offered to pretend to be my lesbian life partner if I thought it would help. It probably would, actually. If none of you men take me up on the marriage offer, our commitment ceremony just might be scheduled soon. Keep an eye out for the invite!

So, that's about it on the update. Not much to report other than the typical bunch of waiting. I plan on blogging a little tonight. I can't decide between "Mr. Pickles has to Go!" or to try to finish up "Fanny Packs... and Other Things that Just Aren't Cool." I might do them both. I also have to get this week's "If" Question of the week out too. I'm such a slacker! :-)

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kcoleman said...

Let me know if I should start looking for my "commitment ceremony" attire. Should I wear a dress or a suit??? Hmmmmm...

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