Friday, April 24, 2009

Better Day

We've had a pretty good 18 hours thanks to my friend Melissa's good ideas. She has a one-year-old daughter herself, so she was able to come up with some good things for the baby. The HUGE lifesaver is that she actually fits in the stroller that I have fairly comfortably! (Melissa ROCKS! :-) I think it makes her feel more mobile and it allows her to (sort of) "sit" up so she can see. She loves getting outside and going for walks, and doesn't mind sitting in the stroller and watching me do dishes or other house things as long as we're constantly "talking." :-)

I didn't even attempt to make her go to bed last night. I just entertained her until she literally fell asleep where she lay around 10:30pm. She didn't even flinch when I moved her to her crib. Unfortunately, I was to the point of being so tired from only 2 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours that I couldn't fall asleep myself until 1:00am. You know how you get SO tired that your body does that flinching thing just when you're about to fall asleep? That was me. :-) But Munchkin slept straight through the night until 7:00am, so that's a great schedule for me if she sticks with it. I'm a night owl too. Today, I started really working on getting her into a routine as far as nap times, meal times, etc. So far, so good. It's been working pretty well. Hopefully the rest of the day goes as smoothly.

It's still a huge guessing game as to where she's at developmentally. I don't think she even knows what a spoon is, so we're working on just figuring out what to eat. She picks things up pretty well though as I teach her things. I just don't think anyone has ever taken the time to work with her. So sad...

Even though she and I are bonding really well (luckily, I'm more stubborn than she is :-) and learning to cope with her cast, I still think she needs a stay-at-home mom (preferably with a HUSBAND who can help her out!). There's no way I can be a good enough mom for her by myself and still do all of the paperwork, follow up appointments, etc. that I'm supposed to get done. And I'm MOVING in a week!!! Why on earth would they give me a baby in a body cast a week and a half before I'm supposed to move?!? I'm doing good just to make it through the day-to-day tasks. And I really do need to go back to work because I'm not getting paid while I'm out!!!

I just really hope they can find a more suitable placement for her really soon. I don't want her (or me) to get super-attached and then have to move again. I know it will be better for her in the long run.


onemorebaby said...

Yikes! It is so good to know your limitations, although... I am impressed! It sounds like you are adjusting quickly! Hang in there!(p.s.... send me placement dust, okay?) Hugs, ag

Teresa said...

I'm glad to hear it was a better day! I hope they are able to find the perfect home for her soon, before either of you gets too attached. I can't even imagine taking care of a one year old (or any aged child) in a full body about challenging. Any child from this point forward will be a piece of cake! *Hugs*

Dawnelle said...

wow. glad the day went a bit better although I can't imagine the body cast issue.

my kids never liked the spoon much at that age, they like to pick up better usually. I used to put stuff on the tray and then sneak spoonfuls in between their picking up/putting in mouth! ;)

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