Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little "What's His Name..."

Things are going really well so far with my little Chunky Monkey.  :-)  He's a very easy-going little guy.  Only cries when he's hungry or needs a diaper change.  He loves being on the move, so we go for walks, lots of rocking, swinging on the porch swing, etc.  I've been tempted to start running red lights because he HATES to be stopped in the car.  ;-)  He coos and babbles, smiles at me, and loves when I sing to him (poor child is clearly tone deaf or he would know that I can't sing ;-)

Most of his initial appointments are scheduled...  Pediatrician, ECI, WIC, home visits from my agency, etc.  I'm still waiting on his caseworker though.  I haven't heard a thing from CPS since they dropped him off on Sunday.  Not a huge shocker, but it would be nice to know if they ever located his mother or if he's going to have visits at all.

The one thing I have had some trouble with has been when it comes to giving people Monkey's name.  It would sure be nice if I knew how to pronounce it!  I have asked multiple people how on earth you pronounce his last name to no avail!  There seems to be this random letter thrown in there that is throwing everyone off.  I went so far as to track down my company's translator, and even she couldn't help me!  As I've been setting up appointments over the past few days, Baby Boy's name has been "First Name, Middle Name, Let-Me-Spell-It-For-You."  Definitely rather embarrassing to tell people that I don't know my own child's last name.  Let me tell you, you get some pretty interesting looks.

Fortunately, I found out today from the WIC office that Monkey's last name was misspelled on all of the CPS paperwork.  The random "L" in the middle of the name that was throwing everyone off is, in actuality, an "I".  Definitely helped out in the pronunciation department.  :-)  And while I am certain that I am butchering the name in the cultural sense, at least I can attempt to say something before I end with the S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G of my little Monkey's name.  ;-)


Varner's of Frisco said...

That is great you can at least try to say the name.

Diane said...

My adopted daughter's first name was misspelled with an extra letter (at least it made sense) on all her CPS paperwork. It was only when the adoption attorney got the original birth certificate that we discovered the correct spelling. By then I had so many keepsakes with the "wrong" spelling, I kept it!

FootPrints said...

oh no!! good thing you guys cleared up the mis-spelling!! enjoy the little guy!

Lori C. said...

Hammy hated stopping in the car, too! I'd just talk to him while we were stopped or pitch a "new" toy for him to play with. Good luck! Can't wait to meet the little chunk. Love ya, Girl!!

Debbie said...

Isabel hated being stopped in the car especially if it was on an incline.

Things you just don't think about until you become a foster parent. Glad you got the right spelling.

Andrea said...

HA!!! I just found this post randomly, I didn't know how to pronounce J's first name and I still don't know how to say Ladybug's last name either!!!

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