Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Foster Friday" Panel Preview...

Since announcing my plan to begin "Foster Friday" last week, things have really taken off nicely.  I am soooo excited about the way the panel of Foster/Adopt parents and family members is coming together!  We're up to 11 panel members so far (my goal was 12, so I'm thrilled silly at how quickly the group developed!), and I'm so excited to have put together such a wide range of people who have been touched by Foster/Adopt Land.

Quick glance at who we have:
  • Single & Married foster/adopt moms
  • Experienced and Newcomer foster/adopt parents
  • A foster/adopt dad!!! 
  • Foster grandma and my personal respite provider
  • And a long-time foster sibling
I can't wait to read about everyone's experiences and get their thoughts on different foster/adopt topics!

I was also very happy to have an official "Foster Fridays" logo created by my good friend, Lori, owner of Happy Daisy Designs.  I knew I wanted a logo for the panel...  But not having the patience to sit down and figure something out myself, I thought I'd ask Lori to come up with something for me.  The only idea that I had was, "maybe something to do with butterflies?"  I thought that would be nice because I always think of my kids as my little butterflies.  What Lori came up with was perfect!!!  My little butterflies coming from a piece of my heart...  I love it!!!  In fact, I love the concept so much that I think this might be the idea for my next tattoo.  And I'll add butterflies for each of my foster kiddos as they come into my life (I think I might be in a world of hurt if I end up fostering dozens of kids though ;-).

And so...  It seems that "Foster Fridays" will be taking off as scheduled!  Stay tuned Friday, May 27th for an introduction to each of our panel members.  And I'm still looking for one or two additional members if anyone is interested!


Debbie said...

This is a great idea.

We're almost licensed so not an official foster parent yet. But I would be more then happy to participate. We are parents via domestic infant open adoption of our 3 year old.

Varner's of Frisco said...

Love the logo. Lori did an amazing job.

Last Mom said...

Cute logo! Let me know if you need more input!

MamaFoster said...


Penelope said...

Thanks for the invite!

lcharlton137 said...

Thank you, Tammy! I really enjoyed creating your logo.


April said...

Hi, I am not a foster parent yet... I am in the application process but would love to be on your panel if you will have me. I am a single woman, never married, and I don't have any children.
I am looking forward to learning more! :)

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