Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stepping Stones...

So this week's Saturday Crew activity was to decorate our own stepping stones.  Christy and I had done this once when Buddy and Ka-Diva were about three years old, and they loved it.  Heaven and I thought it would be fun to get handprints of the kids and let them decorate their stones.  It didn't quite work out the way we'd planned, but we had fun anyway.  :)

The day before, I picked up Heaven and the kids, and we made a little trip to Hobby Lobby to buy our supplies.  You would have thought that Booger had never been in a craft store before.  "What is that?!?  I want to see it!  Can I touch it?  I want to try it!"  We looked at just about every single item in the store, and Banana and Booger even had a fashion show!

Cha-cha-cha CHIA PET!!!

Pretty girl!!!

Our little cross-dressing Booger Bear...
(Poor boy had a run-in with the potty the night before and got a WHOPPER of a black eye.  :(  It was rather mortifying taking him in public.  We were certain someone was going to call CPS on us.  I would have been so embarrassed to have to tell the cops that, "Yes, Officer...  I am a licensed foster parent."  UGH!)

The big day arrived, but started off a little rough.  Booger Bear is deep into the Terrible Two's, and he started of the first 10 minutes at the house in timeout twice!  He is quite the little drama king when it comes to his timeouts, but he does them.  He totally knows better, and he knows that Tammy doesn't put up with physical stuff.  No warnings.  Straight to timeout.  So what possessed that boy to put on his "mean face" and take a little swing at me, I have no idea...  But he knew what was coming the second I gave him "the look" and led him by the hand to the "timeout" corner.  "I WANNA BE A NIIIICCCCEEE BOOOOYYYY!!!  I NO WANT TIMEOUUUUUTTT!!!  I WANNA BE A NIIICCCEEE BOOYYYY!!!"  (sob, sob, hyperventilate, whimper, cry...)

After his two minutes were up, and I reiterated why he was in timeout, and explaining that we do not hit ever, got my "I'm sorry" and my hugs and our "I love you's" out of the way, he went back in with all of the group and exclaimed "I was in timeout."  So what on earth possessed that child to then kick at me not three minutes later?!?  Repeat of the first timeout.  But he was a "nice boy" after that.  :-)  I know it's frustrating for Heaven and Kelly because Kelly's grandparents let Booger get away with murder, and he knows it.  Fortunately, it only takes one or two reminders that Tammy doesn't play those games and he's usually a little angel when he's over here.

So after all of the initial "who's in charge" timeout sessions, we got to work on setting up the stepping stone supplies outside on the patio.  It was a gorgeous day for it!

Turned out a weeeee bit messier than we'd anticipated, but Banana was super-cooperative (until we decided to take her picture. ;-)

Fortunately, Mimi is always prepared (isn't that the Foster Mama motto?), and Banana got a good scrubbing in the baby bath.  I have a feeling Heaven was probably finding clay in places for a week though.  ;-)

Buddy and his masterpiece...  He was very meticulous with his work.

Ka-Diva proudly displaying her own masterpiece...

Booger Bear working on his very own stepping stone.  He is very excited to be a "big boy" now and to be able to do a lot of these projects on his own.  :-)

Heaven's many attempts to get Banana's footprints just didn't turn out quite as planned.  I'm sure she was mortified to have a messy stepping stone because she's a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to her artwork.  :-)

The kids all seemed to take the same approach to decorating their stepping stones as they took to decorating Heaven's birthday cakes.  Buddy loaded up on the "sprinkles."

Booger was sitting next to Buddy and trying to copy his every move with the "sprinkles."  (Booger has been Buddy's shadow since Day One :-)  On top of decorating with the "sprinkles," Booger also attempted to eat them (just like he did with the birthday cake.)

Ka-Diva once again took the neat, clean, minimalistic approach and turned out the one and only perfect handprint of the day!

The finished products out of the molds...

A 3-D view of Buddy's stepping stone...  I wouldn't recommend stepping on this one though.  ;-)

As we were in the process of getting everyone cleaned up, I stumbled across Buddy as he pulled "Green Eggs and Ham" off of the bookshelf and began reading it (in its entirety) to the Booger Bear.  Gotta say, I was a very proud Auntie!

The kids loving on Kitty Cat Tommie...
IDK what was going on with the boys and their goggles.  ;-)

Poor Banana was worn out!  She laid in that position and only opened and closed her eyes for 20 minutes straight.  :-)

And by the end of the day...  Mimi was worn out too!!!  :-)

Just another successful adventure of the "Saturday Crew"...

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