Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not the Sharpest Tool...

New Girl's light doesn't burn too brightly sometimes. 

I sent her an email yesterday with all of my FMLA paperwork that I need to turn in to my HR dept with every placement. 

I said, "Hi New Girl...  I've attached some FMLA paperwork that I need to have for my work (It covers me for missing work for foster care-related home visits, dr. appts, etc.)  Everything is already completed.  If you could please just sign and date the last page and email it back to me, I can get it into my HR dept."

New Girl's response:  "I assumed you needed me to sign your FMLA paperwork?  I have attached it."

Ingenious assumption considering that is exactly what I asked for in specific detail.  Hence the "if you could please just sign and date the last page and email it back to me" portion of my original message...

Seriously...  New Girl doesn't seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed or the shiniest apple in the bunch.  Her light doesn't seem to burn quite as brightly as the rest of us.  I think I might have confused her a bit because I also went on to mention that I would have all of the paperwork that she needed completed by Friday.  I now know not to send emails on two different topics or New Girl will get lost along the way.  Poor New Girl...  :(

I will chalk this up as another life lesson in demonstrating patience and hope that I can deal with her on a daily basis without asking her if she needs me to help her locate her lost marbles.  That probably wouldn't go over very well.  ;-)


Last Mom said...

That is so great that you can use FMLA! The nonprofit I work at is too small to qualify.

Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

I am VERY lucky with the FMLA. I get it for every placement. I work for a nonprofit blood bank, and they have been SOOOO understanding and supportive of my desire to foster. I'm definitely very blessed to work in an office with people who care about my kids as much as I do and who support me and the kids every way they can.

Varner's of Frisco said...

I wonder if the new girl is related to the director at my son's school!

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