Friday, May 20, 2011

"Nice Lady"

Well, New Girl might be on the verge of driving me to a stiff drink, but I've met someone new at my agency who I think I might actually really like!  :-)  I hereby dub her "Nice Lady..." and here's why...

Nice Lady is the new Family Specialist at my agency.  She works with the foster parents and the kids once placement has taken place throughout the duration of their case.  She was scheduled to come to the house today for Chunky Monkey's 7-day follow-up when the floodgates of Heaven opened up and did this about 5 minutes before I was supposed to go get the Monkey from daycare to bring him back to the apartment:

(A little difficult to tell depth, but that's actually about 5-6 inches deep on the sidewalk)

I had just called her and left a message telling her that I had a river in front of my house, and wasn't about to bring Monkey out in that weather when she called me back saying that she was already in my parking lot because her previous appointment hadn't taken as long as she thought it would.  That's when she asked if she could just take off her shoes and swim in since she was already here and we could figure out when she could see Monkey later.  :-)  I liked her already!  Not afraid to get a little wet and actually demonstrated a little common sense when it came to the baby...

She waded in and proceeded to give me all sorts of good information!  Monkey's temporary Medicaid card, his caseworker's name and all of her contact information (seeing as how I had yet to hear from the woman), a few more details about the case, etc.  We actually got quite a bit accomplished!  And then she completely won me over by saying, "You know...  Monkey's daycare is close, right?  Why don't I just stop by there on my way home and see him?  I can see him here at the house next time."  OMG!!!  I LOVE YOU, NICE LADY!!!  You just saved me from having to take another afternoon off work!

Yep.  I like this woman.  She even responds to emails within a couple of hours and does that "active listening" thing where she repeats what you told her so you know that she got it.  New Girl might be a royal pain in my backside, but fortunately, I think that Nice Lady will serve as a buffer and might keep me from unleashing Bipolar Girl on the woman.  :) 

Hmmm...  This leads me to a "Hooray of the Day!"

HOORAY for Nice Lady!!!

You ROCK!!!


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1 comment:

Debbie said...

Yay for Nice Lady and some common sense. Rare to find both I'm sure.

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