Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monkey's Two-Week Update

Well, it's been an interesting two weeks with Chunky Monkey.  Gotta love the first few weeks after getting a new placement and getting some idea of how the case is going to go.  Monkey's also a super easy-going baby despite some health issues that have come to light over the past week or so...
  • We've had some very scary episodes of Monkey choking after feedings.  Believe me when I say, you DO NOT want to see your baby's lips turn blue at any time.  I've gotten calmer and better at knowing exactly what to do to help him though.

  • Turns out Monkey has tracheomalacia (aka. a "floppy windpipe") as well as reflux.  The windpipe issues lead to him aspirating his feedings which in turn leads to all of the choking.  Fortunately, the reflux seems to be a bit better by thickening his feeds and the airway issues are a little better now that he sleeps elevated.  (Yeah...  Spoke too soon...  Just had another choking episode.  NOT COOL!!!)

  • Monkey has made several new friends over the past couple of weeks.  He loves Ka-Diva and Buddy.  He has one particular teacher a daycare who he seems to like to flirt with.  And he has a couple of BFFs...  His giraffe and his ducky chime.  :)  I have to be careful when he plays with them though because he tends to get overly-excited and can't control his breathing (another issue with the airway problem). 

  • Monkey is super ticklish, talkative, and is just now starting to try to "laugh."  You know how babies do that HUGE smile and inhale really loudly?  Well, he's doing that a lot now.  Super cute.  :-)

  • His 14-day evidenciary hearing was this week.  Both mom and dad were finally located and both attended which was a good sign.  It's still early, but it looks like this case shouldn't be very long term if the evidence is accurate.  Dad actually looks pretty good, but he wants Mom to do what she needs to do before bringing Monkey back into the situtation.  CPS is looking into a couple of potential relative placements for him until Mom can work her service plan.  From what we can tell, the majority of the problems stem from Mom's "habit" and the problems that causes between Mom and Dad...  Monkey's just kind of stuck in the fallout.  :(  I hope that one of these relative placements works out for him.  I think in this case, it would be better for him than being in foster care.

  • Still haven't heard from Monkey's caseworker...  No contact what-so-ever...  I did, however, get a personal phone call from Monkey's attorney!  That NEVER happens, so I was thrilled silly that she called and even gave me her cell phone number so I can call her at any time with questions or concerns.  I'm glad Monkey has someone from the system who wants to be hands' on in his case.

  • Monkey had most of his initial doctors appointments, WIC, ECI, and agency appointments this week.  So far, nothing scheduled for this coming week (unless I finally hear from his caseworker and they want to do a visitation with his parents).  The next appointment will be his service plan meeting the following week at the house.  What's another group of people coming to my house, right?  They seem to live here anyway...  Glad I always have the Scentsy going and it at least smells clean and homey!  ;-)

  • Next hearing in 45 days if he doesn't get moved to a relative placement before then. 
Please keep my little Chunky Monkey and his family in your prayers.  I really think that this particular family can do what they need to do to get their stuff together and be good parents for this sweet baby.  Just the fact that they are both willing to work with CPS and to take the help that they are offering says a lot.  And the fact that Dad is trying to put the baby first by not insisting he be returned before Mom is in a better place shows that he has a good head on his shoulders and wants to do the right thing for Monkey.  I really do hope a good relative placement can be found for him.


Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

Glad to hear things are going well for you and Monkey.....well, with the exception of the choking! I agree that if there is a good family member out there then the child should be with family. Have a great week!

Debbie said...

Sounds like he has good parents. And a great foster mama that cares enough for him to see that.

Hope the chocking stops, not fun at all.

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