Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's Time for a Giveaway! :-)

It's time for a giveaway!!!


When I had my first official giveaway this past summer, I made a promise that I would have another when "Trippin'" hit 75 followers as a "Thank You" for publicly announcing that you are coming back repeatedly and reading my ramblings.  :-)  Well, the time has come, and I love that it happened over the Christmas season! 

I struggled on what exactly I should give.  I wanted something that my readers could use, but also something that might be helpful during the Holidays.  I decided on a $25 gift certificate to Snapfish.  If you guys are anything like me, you take tons of photos over the holidays. Snapfish is a great place to order prints, photobooks, cards, calendars, gifts, etc. and capture all of those Christmas memories.  (And if you keep an eye on their email specials, you can get some amazing deals!  I go crazy with their photobooks.  They have a "Buy One, Get Two Free" special quite often, and I use it.  I have been making monthly photobooks for Monkey's parents, and they love them.)

Entry into the drawing is simple...  You can have up to four entries by choosing one or more of the following:

1)  Become a follower on the blog.  (If you're already following, just let me know in a comment.)

2)  Become a follower on Facebook.  (Same here, if you're already following, just let me know in a comment.)

3)  Leave a "Shout Out" comment about your favorite blog and tell us why you love it.  I know there are tons of great blogs out there that I don't know about yet, and I'd love to hear what you guys are reading.

4)  Share your favorite Christmas memory or holiday tradition. 

Simple as that!  I will announce the winner on Monday night, so be sure to check in after Monkey goes to bed (probably around 7:00pm CST.  He's fairly predictable.  ;-)  I will most likely also be adding a second prize when Facebook hits 50 followers.  I've had a couple of requests for the "Super-Cool, Mega-Sized Day Planner" that I gave away during the first drawing, so I think that will be the prize for Giveaway #3.  The timing is perfect as we enter a new year!

Good luck everyone!  Thank you so much for coming back to my little blog!  The online friendships that I have made through this site mean so much to me.  I know a gift card and a calendar aren't really a HUGE "thank you," but hey...  It's free!  And who doesn't like free stuff, right?  ;-)


Andrea said...

I'm a facebook follower! :)

Andrea said...

I'm a blog follower! :)

Andrea said...

Check out She's trying to build her followers as well. Writing is her dream. :)

Andrea said...

This year we started Advent with a reading each night and we put an ornament on the handmade tree. It will definitely be a new tradition. We also do one gift on Christmas eve. And no child is allowed to see the tree until we uncover their eyes! That was my parents tradition and we carried it on :)

Kathy of the HavinsNest said...

I'm entering 4 times but all in the same comment.

1. I follow the blog.
2. I follow on FB.
3. One of my favorite blogs:
4. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the Fuller Farm Christmas. Christmas in Hico with my dad at his farm/ranch. A hayride to find a tree, cutting the tree, letting the kids decorate, the youngest puts the star on the tree. And food.

Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

No, I am not entering my own giveaway, but I thought I'd share my favorite Christmas traditions too. :)

One that I began when I started fostering was to collect butterfly ornaments for each of my kiddos for the tree. I have six butterflies on my tree so far, and I hope that one day my tree will be covered. I love that I look back and remember each of my babies as I decorate my tree every year. :)

Another favorite is one that I started about seven years ago when I invited all of my young cousins to my house to decorate Christmas cookies. Over the years, the Christmas Cookie Decorating Party has morphed into a family contest of epic proportions known as The Gingerbread House Decorating Contest. Families break off into teams and Facebook friends vote on the winner. It is BRUTAL! But nothing brings a family closer together than a little friendly competition. :-)

Michelle said...

Hello! I'm a blog follower here.
A tradition we enjoy is going on a Christmas trip each year, either to a lodge in the mountains, or a Christmas festival, or a camp, etc. We look forward to it every year!
A blog I like is a friend of mine and also a foster parent.
Merry Christmas!!!

Vypergirl said...

1. I am a blog follower
2. I am a facebook follower.
3. I love
4. The kids open their Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve so they can be wearing them to open presents in the morning!!!

I love reading all your entries, Tammy! I am so happy you have Monkey for Christmas!!!!

Tracy Stittleburg said...

I just started "officially" following your blog-I was a lurker before ;)

I have been a FB follower for a month or two.

Um... can I shamelessly plug my blog??!!? other than that I have been loving all the foster blogs out there...,, and are my top 3 fav foster blogs at this moment!

Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

1. I read your blog
2. I follow you on FB
3. I love Foster Momma and Fosterhood NYC
4. We have a traditional family Christmas Eve Chili Dinner. My husbands great grandmother started it and it's still going strong today!

Small Town Joy: said...

I am a blog follower!

Small Town Joy: said...

My favorite Christmas tradition is reading the Christmas story by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

kate said...
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Natalie said...

I'm a follower on your blog. I've been lurking for a month or two, but never comment. My favorite blog is Our Little Togginator She's an adoptive mom times 2 and has a daughter with SPD. My favorite holiday tradition is that we "adopt" a family for Christmas and buy all of their Christmas gifts and holiday food and then go deliver it all in person. My daughter has fun shopping for the gifts and food and it's a great way to teach her about giving back to others and to show her how thankful she should be that she has everything she needs.


Diane said...

I'm one of your blog followers!

Mitzy said...

I'm a new follower of your blog, and I LOVE it!

Varner's of Frisco said...

1. I'm a blog follower
2. I'm a facebook follower
3. my favorite blog besides yours, is seriously a hug is a strangle you haven't finished yet.
4. My favorite Christmas tradition is cookie weekend. A tradition that Josh and I started four years ago, is getting a new Christmas ornaments for the boys and this year we started getting one for us too. The ornaments reflects either something they love that year or an activity they are doing. When the boys get old enough and move out and start decorating their own tree, they are going to take all of their ornaments with them.

Heather said...

1 I follow the blog
2 I follow the face page
3 mama foster, it is real and easy to relate to
4 being able to open our stockings BEFORE the parents woke up

Jenny said...

1) I follow your blog.
2) I follow you on FB.
3) I love finding wonder in the mundane @
4) Our tradition growing up was to go to church as a family on Christmas eve, then open *just one* gift each once we got home. I'm looking forward to sharing this tradition as we just adopted our first daughter last month!

Carrie said...

1. I'm a follower here
2. I'm a follower on fb
3. Also love the Popp Life
4. Shopping with my dad on Christmas Eve :)

kate said...

Sorry to delete. Had an odd thing happen after I left that.

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