Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Name This Item...

Upon first glance, one might say this item is an "exersaucer."

It's an entertaining device for infants to hang out in and play with toys.
It encourages jumping and balance.
It provides toys within a baby's reach and gives mommies everywhere
several minutes of peace as their babies entertain themselves.

At least, that would have been my answer three weeks ago.
Not so much anymore.

I now maintain that this fun-looking piece of baby gear is, indeed,
an Evil Torture Device
apparently used to entrap newly-mobile infants the instant they learn to crawl.

Up until three weeks ago, Monkey loved his jumper and his exersaucer!

The kid learned to crawl, and he now pulls the whole
"writhe, squirm, fuss, spread his legs as far as humanly possible" tactic
in an attempt to avoid being placed in the
Stationary Plaything of Doom.

If I do manage to somehow wrestle him into the
bucket seat from which there is no escape,
Monkey immediately expresses his displeasure with an angry shout and frustrated cry
that I can't help but hear and understand.

I am fairly certain that all of our neighbors within a five block radius
think I am using the child as a pin cushion or something
as his blood-curdling screams are rather hard to miss.

The good news?
It seems I can finally get the bulky exersaucer and jumper
out of my living room!

The bad news?
They are being replaced with a toy box filled with small,
sure-to-be-stepped-on, hard objects
that I'm pretty sure will cause this Mama immeasurable pain
and lead to lots of mumbling of made-up bad words
in an attempt to avoid actually cursing in front of the child.

Fun times, indeed!


Small Town Joy: said...

I feel like I should interject an "Amen" here. We took Pie's out a few months ago because she was jumping so hard in it the legs were detaching from the base.

*Brittany* said...

My son was the same way when he was a baby!

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