Saturday, December 3, 2011

He Says "Mama"

I was SO looking forward to the day that Monkey started saying, "Mama."

Perhaps I should have been more specific with my wish.

I have yet to hear my name accompanied by anything but a cry, a whimper, a whine, or an angry scream.

"Maaaaa-maaaa!!!  Ba-ba, ba-ba, ba-ba, BA-BA!!!"


I now ask for Monkey to say, "Mama, you are an extraordinary woman!  I love you more than Berry Bananas!  You make me happier than my rubber duck and Kitty Cat Tommie combined.  In conclusion, YOU ROCK!!!"

But I will settle for a happy-sounding "Mama!"  :-)

1 comment:

MamaFoster said...

lol, that is usually how that goes :)

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