Saturday, December 10, 2011

Residual Effect of the Fever

I do believe that I am losing brain cells as I type.

Monkey's new favorite thing...

The Wiggles!!!

I tried to change the channel,
and the little snot YELLED AT ME!!!

We have come to the conclusion that his new fascination
with these frighteningly odd men must be a residual effect
of the ridiculously high fever that he was fighting all last week.

How could his preference in television shows have changed from
America's Next Top Model and the Kardashians to this seemingly overnight?!?

That is SO wrong!!!


Varner's of Frisco said...

I would love to hand over my wiggle DVDs and CD but my two and four year old still thinks they rock!

I hope that he gets over the Wiggles as quickly as he fell in love.

kate said...

He's probably so disgusted that Alison was denied AGAIN that he has given up ANTM in protest. Tell Tyra she's been replaced by the wiggles. Maybe she'll see the error of her ways.

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