Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Hooray of the Day!!!"

Today's "Hooray of the Day!!!"...

Today, I salute you,
Mr. King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls!

Monkey had you for the first time tonight,
and you were apparently the
he's ever had in his entire life.
(all "almost" ten months of it, that is...)

I've had four kiddos eating finger foods
in the past three years,
and you haven't let me down once!

HOORAY for Mr. King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls!!!

Your yummy goodness
makes toddlers actually EAT some of their dinners.



Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

Oh so YUMMY!

Small Town Joy: said...

Those are yummy!

Kylee said...

I love those things! In high school (am I allowed to say that like it was sooo long ago?!) my mom would buy them for me and I would make ham sandwiches. Now, in my "older" days, I prefer wheat bread, but seriously, those Hawaiian rolls are just delicious. Monkey and the other littles know what they're doing! : )

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